You don’t know about me at all, but I can tell I have read that story by Mark Twain, about the boy, Huck Finn. If you like the story too, we could get along, I guess.

Mark Twain could write his yarn a human way, and came out real neat in the end. This is what we do around here: we talk human, to come out neat. Check our text at languagetool.org. I mean, you can copy and paste.

We’re not alone; granny talks grammar too. She likes the avatar. Welcome.

Granny talks Present Simple→

However big you are and whatever you read, remember not to bond with your nose to it.

12 inches away is reasonable for human eyes. We have made this screen easy for a Big Foot away.

4 of them things

I’ve asked Jim if he believes in witches. He says there sure ain’t any in Alaska where he lives ’cause they can’t fly in snow storms, and they’d need anoraks and goggles till late April. More→

3 gloves, TO that time

You remember Huck in the woods when he heard that strange noise them ghosts make, when they have something on mind they can’t make themselves understood about. Except I don’t believe in ghosts, and I am perfectly a living human, the same would have happened to me today. More→

Only real strawberries count

Sometimes you learn you go minus or plus infinity about the number of strawberries, but mind you, the Founding Fathers said you couldn’t owe for strawberries that never existed, so to speak. More→