4 of them things


I've asked Jim if he believes in witches. He says there sure ain’t any in Alaska where he lives 'cause they’d need anoraks and goggles, and couldn’t fly in snow storms. More→

Granny talks Present Simple

We don't have to go Greek philosophers to chat, but we need to read, books or articles, in libraries or online sometimes, to learn language. Well, and the first and most important thing to learn is how to work that grammar guidance out. More→

3 gloves, TO that time

You remember Huck in the woods when he heard that strange noise them ghosts make, when they have something on mind they can't make themselves understood about. Except I don't believe in ghosts, and I am perfectly a living human, the same would have happened to me today, when my little sister wanted to color my grammar with crayons. I would've been making strange noises. More→