4 of them things

I’ve asked Jim if he believes in witches. He says there sure ain’t any in Alaska where he lives ’cause they can’t fly in snow storms, and they’d need anoraks and goggles till late April.

It’s like Huck told, that Jim that Huck knew was just telling a story.

Smart guy, that Jim, I guess. He had a five-center he told the devil’d touched it, and people brought him things to see the coin, more than he ever could buy for the piece.

The Jim I know says there ain’t any chance to bargain like that on a coin these days anymore.

I’m telling you ’cause Jemma said she was making a map, only it did not look a map to me at all. See here.

It was because I hadn’t seen the original picture, she said. It was our area.

People couldn’t be changing their minds whenever turning a corner, she continued. It would be like we said we go out with bikes, I went home to get mine, and she’d be to think I’d already changed my mind ’cause I wasn’t the same place anymore.

She’d used a computer effect, never to forget all about place, for the gumption to work in the world’s four corners.

What happened next was really like a trick of magic, ’cause she asked if I could think about anything, literally anything, she repeated, to be going on absolutely nowhere. I could not and that did it, I mean I was persuaded. There ain’t much point to learn some special language for time without place.

This here is the essence for all English tenses, guys.